Funeral Parade is an active canvas for the independent eye and deep thinking creative.

We fuse our unique point of view with yours to create an experience parallel to no other.

With our seventh issue currently under way, SUBMISSIONS are now open and much anticipated!  The directional theme for this issue will be toward the oxy-moronic idea of negative meets positive: CIRCUS ANTICS. Think, a message that transcends the magical realm of imagination through the hedonistic realm of inner-thought and obsessive indulgence.  If you vibe with this concept and would like to get involved, contact us and tell us your story.

Please keep in mind that submissions must be unpublished (both online and in print) upon release of issue. We require a basic concept idea for both conceptual photo spreads and written entries + samples of work to view upon being contacted. We accept submissions for conceptual photo stories, fictional stories, poetry, and collaborative ideas.

If interested in a collaborative series, let us know your concept and we can plug you in with the right people to vibe with.

Due to the high volume of submissions, allow up to 2 weeks for response.  We try to respond to every email but if you do not hear back from us, feel free to follow-up.

Our mission is to encourage people to create and connect with other creatives/ personalities one might not have otherwise.  We are passionate about introducing original and distinguished design, art, story lines, and concepts at a global spectrum and bringing the independent artist to light.

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