If I remember clearly: Tell me your dreams, and I'll tell you mine. Visionary mindsets, gallivanting around as if our existence depended upon it. Conversation with fading futures, words clouding other words creating sounds only recognizable to our soundtrack of pathways to unknown places.

Show me your weaknesses, and I'll show you mine. (as long as you promise not to black market them to the wolves of past lovers turned ghosts, when the day comes we part ways into a lost lovers black hole.) Vulnerability being on the daily menu of what to conquer next. Hands sliding around hip bones, legs stacked like lego-castles we'd carefully built when dreaming of avoiding realities together. Arguments of who to spoon whom. Which side of the bed was mine, or his. Lectures of too much alcohol and "you only talk, when whiskey is speaking for you." Numbers of kisses slowly dissipating into being something I'd count with my fingers. Bathtub romance upon anxiety attacks of fading futures and trapped-in-a-corner decisions. "I know you like the energy clear so I vacuumed." Moments. So, show me your insecurities and I'll show you mine. (as long as you promise not to use them against me the next time i bruise your ego with my walls of complacency) How is your ego doing these days? Still outspoken and kicking? I wonder the you, you've turned into sometimes. I wonder if, I'll recognize your voice as it once felt like home, bringing calmness to my bones, and butterflies to my insides. Remember when you asked to see my insides? To allow me to break down these walls of uncertainty and not run away, even though you were not entirely ready to show me yours? Remember when you told me you loved me? And I responded with sarcasm because the truth was, I loved you beyond question but knew our story had an ending and it made me nervous. Remember when you left? Or when you begged me to come back, starting the cycle of I love you, I love you nots, all over again? Or how about when you decided to spit on our love through another without even knowing the real reason why? Remember when you told me you could not imagine your life without me? How is your imagination doing now? Remember when you,

me neither.