Pisces Harvest Moon

With the Pisces Harvest Moon + partial Lunar Eclipse + Blood Moon.. the energy surrounding us is anything but stagnant. So.. whats it all mean?

As we're in the time of Virgo directly under a Mecury Retrograde transition, our focus has been toward questioning our reality. What makes sense? What's holding us personally captive? Where is our communication being lost in translation? Take the full moon in Pisces into play, we are currently playing a mirror image game of, face-to-face values, as Pisces and Virgo are directly opposite on the astrological chain of command. Two opposite spectrums are at play (not to be confused for two opposing) and joining forces to bring out the realistic, romantic mentality mixed with the dreamy, emotional aspect this duo encompasses.

Now, lets take all of this one step further with introducing the partial Lunar Eclipse and Blood Moon into the mix.  Energy is merely amplified.. supported.. challenging our every last nerve ending for our all time high and greatest good.  Ultimately?  This is a time to focus inward AND outward, in the form of relationships we keep. As we've been building off the past moon transitions heading out of Leo and Aries, our past was focused on ourselves. As it should be, ultimately. Our current? The relationship we keep with others.  How are others influencing our day-to-day? How do you interact with those around you? Who are you attracting into your life? Are you inspired by these relationships? Driven? Exhausted? Challenged? Frustrated? Romanticized? Are you truly connecting or merely existing with others as excess baggage?  Where do you see yourself and who do you see yourself with, in the days to come?  And, when I say "relationships" I mean, ANY relationship in ones life. Work, Romantic, Platonic, Family.. these are all relationships. Gratify and question them to ensure you're giving your all as well as being fed, ultimately.

Again, relationships are at an all time high, our minds are on alert, and the point is to focus on the energy you surround yourself with. Allow yourself to release the anxiety that might stem from connection and allow yourself to divulge in building meaningful, inspiring, growth encompassed bonds.

I spent this past Full Moon reading some cards for our viewers and came upon a few I'd like to share. Change your Focus & Just Breathe -- meaning, allow yourself to view life from a different perspective, and breathe through the off-times. Life is meant to be viewed in different ways, when remembering this through the challenging times, we grow in ways we'd never felt possible.  Fast forward throughout the card readings, the vibe was heavily focused toward communication and past efforts leaning toward a personal lesson of.. let it go, and let it grow. As Mercury Retrograde and Virgo are heavily focused on communication, this made complete sense. To go back to the Pisces Full Moon with the Lunar Eclipse + Blood Moon transition, emotional communication is heavily supported. Ultimately? Speak up. Listen. And lead from your heart. This is a time of heart walking. Listen to your gut, allow the intuition to shine forward, and open that heart+crown chakra. If you lead with love, you will never be steered wrongly.

Our full moon candle is available for purchase on the shop, alongside some other energetic, growth encompassed goodies. Allow the energy to work for you. Mantra supported, energy induced good vibes. The entire point is to bring you back to center to allow oneself to grow forward with others on a positive level. You are who you keep.


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