"When she was a little girl, she went to the school library asking for books about princesses. You've read every book we have about princesses. In the whole library? Yes. Years later, she fell in love. She wrote his name on the inside of her pencil case. Hoping he might ask to borrow a pen so she could be found out. In the yard of a house where she lived, there was a large oak tree carved with the initials of each boy she had ever kissed. She put a cross next to the letters F.P. and noticed with a quiet wonder that he shared the initials of.." I could go on forever.

If I could put into words the beauty behind this magickal Libra, I'd keep them quiet and to myself to hold its beauty for my own. I'd write it in imaginary love letters to future conversations as a reminder of connection sprouting without realizing when. Yet, energy is not meant to be boxed in, within lower-cases and capitals, verbs and adjectives, its meant to be felt, shared, connected, and admired. So, I'll share some insight into this beautiful soul called Megan.

You see, I met this old soul a few years back. Technically. It was automatic. Energetic. Home. "We've known each other for lifetimes," said in unison. Our first time "meeting" was for a shoot for Funeral Parade, hiking through the San Juan mountains in sandals and too-long skirts. Sage, cards, and energy encompassed.

Fast forward, this lady has become a Muse of mine as I’ve not only photographed her throughout my own journey, acting as a walking canvas, she’s someone I’ve turned to for insight. You see, Megan is a healer by nature and deep thinking creative, on a path toward her own enlightenment, touching so many souls along the way.

Our journey's have crossed paths, run parallel, and intertwined with questioning, self-doubt, support, energetic conversation, and creation. Mystic Bones is a direct reflection upon the innards projecting outward. And, we're so thankful to showcase her handmade creations in our shop as a collaborative story line unfolding.

You know those people you meet and feel at home with, without knowing why? The why is you've known them. You've known these souls. You've traveled together. You've written stories in parallel with one another and choose to reconnect throughout your own spiritual journey. You're teaching one another and learning from one another. You're the universal language and if you notice this energetic connection with another, embrace it. I'm thankful to have this Libra to share my journey with.

Happy Birthday, Megan. You are so much brighter a light than I feel you even realize.
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