i dropped my notebook back there. filed up love letters placing comforted transgressions and avoidance, behind eyelids. i had an obsession with circus antics, merry-go-rounds. that game where, if you were to stare long enough into the mirror you'd forget who was really there. carnival rides and fortune tellers ..always asking the same question, reciting yesterdays love sonnet for a new tomorrow. a new tomorrow. a new. tomorrow landed within yesterdays mutilation. i dropped my notebook back there. ink stained edges and personal references. remember that time we, stayed up all night on three bottles of red, comparing thought processes and spilling secrets, within wrinkled up bed sheets? paper. our canvas needed less lineage. we, needn't be reminded of such structure. It was the beauty between our juxtaposition. the way we'd eat each other up within story-fed secrets. You were the only one I ever allowed to see inside. those feverishly ignored lines of a girl I had come to know, and remember how the record scratched? And then, you kissed me? I had a dream the moon died that night. Fell into the earths circumference, the ground shook, sky went black, and I woke up.

I dropped my notebook back there.