I've spent a lot of my life writing. I actually remember where I was the first time I ever "poetically documented" something. I was 12 years old, tailbone up against my dresser, writing a heartbroken love letter to my mom. (lol) - I was young, with too many feels, pre-pubescent, and writing became an outlet. No matter how dramatic this "12-year old me" may have been, it was in this moment that communicating through written word became a part of me.

Fast forward-- we get busy, thoughts take suit, life takes over, inspiration hits at the most random of times- how do I write? I started recording myself talking; and continued recording-- when stopping for gas, spending time with friends, walking around my neighborhood, when driving (specifically near the ocean), alone with thought.. and from all of these recordings, all of these in-between moments, I was inspired to create an organic dialogue of conversation, to sound and with no directed reason.

The inspiration behind "STORIES" is capturing "in the moment interactions" - unfocused, never scripted, --words.  I've completed the beginning through "Chapter 01" as my personal intro of thoughts I found on my tape recorder. The continuation is where you come in:

If you have anything you'd like to say, share, let go of, confront, communicate.. record and email me: -- You're free to remain anonymous or fully credited.  And, it doesn't need to be super serious.. I want to hear the raw energy of thought, in between thought processes. I am inspired to create a story-line of nothings/every things - with the point being abstract connection through verbal note taking.  I look forward to your stories---




INSPIRATION FEATURED: Chelsey Rae Holland x Christopher Wormald of Intimatchine
CAPTURED VIDEO FOOTAGE: Vera Makianich for Funeral Parade
MUSIC: NBHAP Guestmix - Phoria (reconstructed)
WORDS, VIDEO EDITING, & SERIES: Sheena Snyder x Funeral Parade

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