A friend of mine picked me up yesterday for a much anticipated "surprise" adventure. I quote "surprise" because we've been planning this day since February, but our schedules had been conflicting, life was in the works, calendars kept missing one another and.. here we are, in April.  Isn't it funny how quickly life passes?  So, on Thursday, we text one another almost simultaneously, "Are you still available for our trip this Saturday?" -- YES.

She picked me up at 11am (still not sharing any insight into the destination aside from "we're heading north") - we picked up some juice from my local pressed juice spot, I fell (HARD) on the walk out, we laughed, I shared some cocoa I had purchased the day prior, she dropped it on the drive up (HARD), we laughed, and the tone of the day had been set -- living, laughing, talking, connecting; we headed North.

Meet Jessica: A creator by heart, business woman by act, heart one can aspire to live like. We met, years ago, when Jessica was at a point of expanding her retail business by way of online e-commerce.. she brought me on to direct and style multiple weekly, lifestyle shoots. The standard eye might choose to overlook her magick and prejudge her beauty because of her youth, gender, ethnicity, but this lady is fucking empowered, and, she shares her empowerment with everyone she comes into contact with. (if only the world worked on her level).  Jessica runs a chain of retail stores, throughout San Diego, and still creates time to encompass herself in the art world, be a shining light to friends, and empower other individuals through her own self discovery. Isn't that empowering? A woman, running shit?

The days I worked with her were an endless pit of inspiration. I had no idea what you could do with loft space.. I'm pretty sure we photographed looks at every hole-in-the-wall location throughout LA. And, ultimately, when I met her I knew there was reason. AND: throughout these years later, we've connected on so many different levels. I can't really imagine what my life would be like sans Jessica.. what my life would feel like had I not met her. Isn't that funny? How life works?

SIDE NOTE: Aren't her sunnies amazing? They're handcrafted gold from a friend of hers, and you can find them on instagram, DM for special orders: @ayaheye.

SO! We arrive! "Should I bring my bag?" .."YES" and in we walk.  SUMMERLAND. Have you heard of Summerland? Its this stop along the way to Santa Barbara, after Malibu, Zuma.. Carpinteria, along the coast, in a pretty little spot you just might miss on your way North. A little hole in the wall spot of reminders. We walked in, searched around, and fell in love.

As we walk through, we pay respect to Buddha, as it was Buddhas birthday after all.. say a thank you, and proceed through a path to the outside. Noted: This is where the magick happened.

Who am I these days? What am I doing? Am I doing enough? I haven't done this in a while.. this persons doing that.. I should be doing this.. why am I not doing that yet.. should I move? This job is calling me this way.. Should I stay? Am I just being safe? Are my ideas worthy? Am I being realistic? Does reality have anything to do with it?


SACRED SPACES is a stop along your path, shared from a loving couple, traveling the world and sharing their finds with you in their quaint location to run away to.  Each location is articulately designed according to the chakras, with color vibrancy being the road map through. It was an endless pit of worldly finds, some dating back centuries, with an open space waiting for you to sit, breathe, and be.

Jessica and I drew some cards, sat in silence, and sound meditated.  Have you practiced sound meditation yet?  For those unknowing, its a practice devoted to paying attention to every single sound surrounding you, with purpose of keeping you present, in the moment, active.  When you take time to sit quietly, pay attention to breath, and listen to all that surrounds you.. you begin to hear things you wouldn't imagine, even the sound of your own heart beat.. its surreal.

You know those friends who have enough natural energy to keep you present?  The ones you feel you've circled lifetimes with?  The ones who come along, giving you answers to questions you hadn't even thought of yet? This was this day, for me. Listening to the trees, losing cacao in the drivers seat, falling outside of the pressed juicery spot, trying to find where that damn frog came from, walking that short path up the hill for food, chasing the sun backward and running to see it come face to face with the earths circumference.. these moments are moments needed.  -- this might translate as a love letter to Jessica, but it's so much more than that. Its a love letter to all peoples with friendships as this, friendships waiting to find you as this, connection, inspiration, breaths of reminders.  Be open.

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