Porcupine Tree is a British Progressive Rock band that began in the late 80’s, led by Steven Wilson. I discovered them in high school and they have been a personal favorite ever since. They have more releases than I can count, but Fear of a Blank Planet, released in 2007, is the first one I ever heard and it was true love at first sight. Musically speaking, we are talking about a true progressive masterpiece, featuring tracks that are so individually unique yet flow together so nicely to result in a single 50-minute conceptual piece. It takes you down a path from shoegaze-y and atmospheric sounds to some quality metal riffs, all tied together by Wilson’s dreamy vocals. If you’re gonna listen to one track, Anesthetize is a must, best 17 minutes of your life. At a personal level, this record means a lot to me. It was a gift from an old boyfriend, and I’d say it sentimentally represents just about every love in my life, but in a positive, thankful way, not in a “you killed this band for me!” kinda way. It’s a deal breaker for me, either you like Porcupine Tree, or I get you into Porcupine Tree, or it’s just not gonna work! Anyway, this 2-vinyl LP is awesome and also as a nice little bonus, it includes the EP, Nil Recurring, which came out later that year.

A1     Fear Of A Blank Planet     7:28
A2     My Ashes     5:07
A3     Cheating The Polygraph     7:10
**B1     Anesthetize     17:46
C1     Sentimental     5:26
C2     Way Out Of Here     7:37
C3     Sleep Together     7:28
D1     Nil Recurring     6:08
D2     Normal     7:09
D3     What Happens Now?

Label: Tonefloat – TF 40
Format: 2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, 180 Gram
Country: Netherlands
Released: 03 Oct 2007