dreams about being in portland with buildings like new york with shops like downtown la, think fashion district. dreams about airplanes and connecting flights and trying to get to lithuania. hey! at least i stopped dreaming about disneyland. for now.

there's a high i get the night before we release a new issue for funeral parade. the day of,  depression sets in. its over. and ive been stuck in this mode since our latest release. my dreams are telling me to refresh & restart. escape. take a trip before i begin my next project. not necessarily to lithuania, cos where the heck is that? (i looked it up as soon as i woke up, so now i can say with confidence its in northern europe!) i also feel like my dreams are telling me that im not happy where im at both in my life without my friends and family and i feel very limited in the small city im currently living. i think its time to try big city living again, no? or maybe its time you friends come visit me. for a week, so i can get sick of you and i can truly appreciate my time alone :)

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