sometime last year i got my hands on a smena 8m camera and asked if any one had any tips for this camera and got no response. from what i remember the first time i used this russian toy camera i loaded the film wrong. it had been a while since i used film. a day at the coast remembered, not captured. once i figured the whole film thing, i snapped photos of everything, anything. again i fucked up. i had a problem advancing the film. i didn't know how far to advance before i had to stop. so i guessed. it turns out the film would stop advancing after what seemed like a great while to me. 3-4 full turns of the dial.  oops. multiple exposure galore. 36 exposures in 6 frames.

i only bring this up because i should be camping next week and i plan to bring most of my cameras, this being one of them. i'm going for round three. fingers crossed. i'll let ya'll know if i end up doing the walk of shame from the photo lab next week.

smena 8m