Trio Travelers Set

Trio Travelers Set


A trio-travelers set containing all 3 scents from our “Beginnings Collection” in a 4oz travelers size. Perfect for the beginners spiritualist and/ or an on-the-go mindset. Each travelers set includes a mantra bookmark intended to recite during each candle burn or when in need of a recharge.

1 – Cleansing
Warm, soothing, and a bit romantic.
Intended to burn when beginning a new project, if in need of a spiritual recharge, searching self reflection, or to simply enjoy the warm aroma.

2 – Rebirth
Refreshing, awakening, with a touch of after-the-rain.
Perfect for returning calming energy to the home and getting in touch with the endless power within

3 – Energy
Earthy, sweet, and energetic.
Intended to revitalize all chakras, energize the mind, and open the heart.

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These candles have been hand-crafted in a quaint studio space in Long Beach, CA, according to the lunar cycle, with the purest of intentions. Each candle is created with the highest of quality ingredients: vegan friendly, phthalate-free soy wax; organic cotton wicks; paraffin free essential/ fragrance oils; and reusable jars.

Size: Set of 3 – 4oz
Burn Time: 23+ Hours each candle,