i am learningthe limitations of the breaking point i've the locked doors we've i am learning the words in which we speak energy felt, seeping between separate beds and nightstands casual like, i am learning sometimes language spoken other times, un-- yesterdays and tomorrows translate foreign languages when our me, and you, combines one complicated together. i am learning it is ok to be curious to voice gratitude over too many cocktails and less than edited grammar, excuse the double send i am learning how to voice my vulnerabilities in a way that creates my strong in a way that offers you an invitation to see the me i had kept hidden for so long. i am learning its ok to be faulted with doors half closed and more half open and forks creating too many needs for spoons i am learning my presence in this story means even more so than this presence i'm avoiding and do we not learn so much more when on the floor, crying? as if our very soul might escape through the front door, if we held in one more "why" - i am learning how to love myself when i'd rather someone else do it for me. i am learning how to comfort my demons when i'd rather feed them and let them comfort my insecurities. i am learning being honest with another human being, does not deserve the presence of anxiety but the glory in knowing, i am trying. i am trying i am trying i am trying i am trying i am trying i am trying