ramblings on a tuesday.

The only time Iset aside time for processing thoughts long enough to form tangible meanings, are when i'm meant to be elsewhere. For instance, on your clock or her clock or this favor for that promise weeks ago. And, as more days progress the more my processing grows less structured. And at times I, feel as if I can visually witness my life cascade through the tunnels of yours. Like when standing on one side of the train, wondering what its like to be on the other. Glimmers of sense still forming nonsense. But you wonder. Its just a bit comical, the way I attempt to "fit myself in" within my own life. Parents never taught me to play victim. "Live your dreams or you'll spend your days living someone else's." But, what isn't taught is in order to live your dreams, you need to spend a little time developing others and, hope to God you do not become lost within day-to-day shiny objects of distraction. I'm rambling again, as I often do when feeling overwhelmed but, my bank account is filled with sacrificial tendency and my mind is overflowing with future road maps waiting just waiting.. and I need to find another hour within the twenty-four to balance my insanity.