death brings new.

read my cards, fortune teller.make me see what it is you see. screaming on rooftops, fucking on countertops. falling, read my cards, fortune teller. rid my aura of these dark spirits. i've managed to welcome in. in love with moments and in betweens. forgetting to breathe, willingly. (fear tastes nice) alive, i feel alive don't we all just want to feel alive? read my cards, fortune teller. be honest with me. tell me of my torn reality. truth, would you be honest with me? even if it meant you'd be breaking red coated lips met chipped fingernails tracing a vacated silhouette.  forgetting to shave but i crave that feeling of..  conversation on pause, awkward silences. read my cards, fortune teller. rack this brain, find a sentence. anything? didn't think so. we usually have so much to talk about, what happened? we happened.  he happened.  she happened. life happened.. and, it happens. or so i had been told. so we laugh a little and lose focus. read my cards, fortune teller. i believe i've lost myself in a memory. where had i gone from here? i'm stuck circling,