make sense?

we. there's no point to,we. there's no point to, we. dusty corners, sharp edges. we. memories fading, new beginnings. we. up until the sun creeps in, corners, vehemently, sing your heart out girl. we. there's no point to, we. there's no point to, were we ever.. let me rephrase were we never.. no, not quite ignore that last part.

ever feel as if you're living in another realm? a dimension solely devoted to yours and his, or his and hers, or hers and hers, or, what have yous. we, lived in what seems happier times. but happier times, became colder times and i'm left here attempting to explain, this sharp edged hole in the middle of my soul? no, too cheesy. stomach. in the middle of my, stomach, waiting for the moment you, crave we, again.

ignore that last part. i'll fill up the hole with to-dos and poorly written love letters never intended to be read.. and, hangovers. can't forget the hangovers.