rememeber when you asked me to go steadyinfront of that wig shop, and i stopped to laugh cos who says the word steady these days and you called me a little shit?

remember when you slid out my car and a piece of you fell out of your pocket and i tried to tell you about it, but you told me to forget it, keep it, its yours and you kissed me infront of your office building and we caught everyone watching?

remember when i hide that piece of you in my paul frank wallet, the one with cats on unicycles, and i placed you in that useful quarter pocket because you fit so well and it felt so good to see a piece of you everyday and then you left me?

will you remember how it took me 22 months to sneak you out of my wallet, the one with cats riding unicycles, and held a nail to you and hammered my way through you and bound you with a ring, slid you through a chain and you sat on display ’round my neck?

will i remember when he removed you from my neck and i watched him raise you and lower you onto my night stand with such ease and you just sat there, alone, upon a pile of chain and days went by before i touched you for one last time and dropped you into my blue suitcase, into a pocket to hide you from my world?

.. because im starting to forget.