8:45 PM20:45

New Moon

The New Moon begins in strong Leo 10°48' bringing an energetic charge through focusing on creativity, self-expression, and love. What is your love language? How are you expressing your wants and desires? Where are you feeling blocked or weighed down? The Sun is our life force, the sun is also the ruler of Leo. Both are heavily influenced by and influencers of the heart.  Take this time to go within, asking your heart for its truest desires and utilize this New Moon to begin manifesting deep love, passion, and interest in all facets of your life. Be careful of egocentric thoughts or fear running a muck throughout your new path as change can bring out the shadow side to Leo's strength. Be strong.

A perfect time to begin burning our "New Moon" candle.

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3:56 PM15:56

Full Moon

The Full Moon begins in earthy sign Capricorn 27°40' delivering the energy to focus on closing out projects at a material level. Areas of life's work, traditions, worthy investments, and tapping into inner wisdom are illuminated during this full moon transition. The insight is to focus on what you are longing for and to meditate on what areas are holding you back from getting these aspirations to come through to fruition. Set the stage for the following New Moon and use this time to close any doors no longer adding to the pot of abundance.

A perfect time to begin burning our "Full Moon" candle.

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