today was my 100th sale! then followed by 101. IMG_8060

saying farewell to these Treasure Craft ceramic mushroom canister set and round Daher floral tin. hoping each item ends up in a vintage loving home :)

IMG_8063 IMG_8071



IMG_8076 IMG_8077

occasionally a customer will ask me why is my shipping so high. the thing is, there is no set shipping fee. i ship out of california through usps and i have to estimate to the furthest possible location and go from there. i like to recycle boxes to reduce the cost and always refund shipping overages. i also dont like to hide ship fees into the price of my items otherwise id end up with any overages. is there a better way? i dont know. but if there is id love to hear from other etsy shop owners.

either way, i havent received any complaints and i love finding unique items for the vintage lovers that stop by my shop. thank you for your support!