the september stack


IMG_8008my september issue must haves: harpers bazaar vogue elle marie claire town & country

little secret, when i shop online at sephora i always take advantage of promo codes and get yearly subscriptions to various fashion magazines that way. you just have to spend $25 and i always spend more than that at sephora. a few of my sephora subscriptions: vogue, elle and marie claire.


is vogue usually the heftiest september issue? i mean, i really feel for the mail man. he had to deliver 3 heavy issue on the same day this month. probably his least favorite month. i also picked up uk copies at the local bookstore.


harpers is always my must have issue. they have the best accessory editorials.



i was hoping to find more international issues, but they havent made their way to my local bookstore yet.

as a designer you have to stay current, but i definitely dont get inspiration from whats published within these pages by looking at whats already being done. instead i get inspired by how each publication merchandises items. i love how spreads are put together, i enjoy the art directions, the photography and actual modeling done by professional models who know how to move their bodies to create interesting shapes. i tear out my favorite looks and spreads for my archives to reference later when i need a little art direction boost.

what are your must have issues?