When We Were Young


ts STOP READING IF YOUR NAME IS SHEENA SNYDER!!! or you'll ruin my surprise. go away!

working on a secret book for my friends birthday next month. when we first met, we would mail each other blank journals and keep it for about a week at a time and then ship it back. and forth. back and forth till they were filled up with our own poetry, drawings, and photos. she lived in los angeles and i lived in santa ana and even though these cities arent that far from each other traffic made it so. & this is how we hung out.

over the years we have tried to keep this ritual alive, but things have always come up where we stopped writing or someone else kept the book ( that one time we included other people to our mailing group), had to tear out a few pages (uninhibited writing was out of the question when more eyes were reading), lost a few moving from place to place.

theses books are important to us because they cure all sorts of artist block. whatever i filled it up with inspired her creativity and what she filled it up with inspired mine. a perfect cycle. unless its that week you were without it.

we call these books ts. and im starting a new one. or rather, making a new one.

cue my next project: instead of grabbing another blank sketchbook i plan to create a custom pre-filled sketchbook that never has to be mailed. fill up my half of a 240 page book. so thats 120 pages worth of words, crummy drawings, and photographs in 6 weeks. yikes! has anyone else done this before? made a *finish-the-rest-of-this-journal-yourself* kinda book? cos i havent.

keep ya'll updated as i slowly progress into this project. photobooth pic may be cover worthy.