Keep Your Eyes Peeled


DSC_3491 some items i plan on listing by the end of the week!

i've been an etsy shopper for 8 years and i never realized how much work goes into listing an item. let me tell ya: 1. clean item 2. wait for the great natural light to come through the windows (i dont have good lighting) 3. set up a area to photograph 4. set up tripod 5. photograph all angles, scuffs, marks, etc. 6. change backdrop (i use this large roll of drawing paper)  7. upload images to laptop 8. convert images from raw to jpgs 9. edit images with photoshop 10. research item info 11. measure and weight item 12. calculate shipping costs 13. list on etsy 14. PUBLISH! 15. usually midnight by this point.

well, i only got to the orange and gold pyrex bowl tonight. hoping to fit more into tomorrows day. good night!