Weekend Roadtrip


20130821-103421.jpg the boys and i are leaving for la tomorrow. its gonna be a long drive (14 or so hours) and a short weekend. we've done this drive many times and we've done it straight through without overnight stops ONCE! actually, i've done this drive several times, johnny doesn't have a license from constantly losing his wallet.  out of pure exhaustion, i have had him drive, only lasting till the next roadstop...  haha, im a backseat driver and freak out over every little thing. whatever! i never got over that car accident from my youth, okay?! this time around were doing it differently. funny podcasts & lots of energy drinks & toning my face at every gas stop (no more tired face brake outs). i'll let you know how it goes.

did i forget to mention we're going to f*ck yeah fest?! it will be a nice change of pace for johnny and i. we've been homesick & we miss our loud and abrasive comrades. oregonians are too sensitive. at least the eugene kind.