little bruce


bruce had his first medical emergency on monday. such a helpless feeling. and so grateful i hadn't blown through my taxes.. yes, i still had that cash laying around my bank account. overnight bruce's little butt cheek was bright red/purple and swollen. it looked like plucked chicken skin. each little hair follicle looked like blood was ready to burst from it. i drove him to the closest animal emergency hospital and they took care of him right away. he was going through a lot of pain so they had to sedate him before they could expressed his infected gland. he's on pain meds for the rest of the week. 5am. 7am. 3pm. 5pm. 7pm. 11pm. day two and im already exhausted. since i work from home i get to stay up all day, all night while johnny sleeps and bruce tries to sleep but gets fidgety every two minutes. you know, the whole butt thing being sore. at least he back to his grumpy ways. a good sign of recovery.