i really need to pick up some 620 film and start using my argus 75 more than just ttv photography. as fun as it is, it a tough thing to pull off in the summer when the glares are strong and cant get a proper shot.

anyways, here's one i shot some months ago on new years day. i wrote up a post on funeral parade's blog and again, no one gave a shit. i have this thing where i hate feeling like i'm talking to myself. the only comments i did receive were spam, and that did nothing but send me into a depression. i just want some sort of interaction with like-minded humans. i still haven't found a kindred spirit here in oregon. its been three years since i left california because i was tired of my friends. what a ungrateful cretin. truth is, my friends were spending time with people who had it out for me. i had managed to get out of that circle of hateful people only to get pulled back in... no thanks. it was time to leave. start over. that and i hate the sun. i never had a issue connecting with people. ever. and i would have continued to believe that i was the problem and reason why i haven't been able to find that *bond* with an oregonian if it weren't for that impromptu trip to california in april. a night out in san francisco spent with strangers connecting on an array of subjects. the one thing ive longed for since i moved to oregon and i found it. in california. with my kin. they understand my dry dark humor. my habitual look of disinterest. my quietness. a studier of human behavior. believing it was my capricorn nature and my anti-social quirks.

maybe im just an asshole.

but seriously, i dont think i can handle anymore of these tired conversations about video games, sports, politics, conspiracy theories, who had the *shittiest* childhood, "what i saw on reddit today", the list can go on and on and on. and i think you get the point. i spend these moments tuning out their alcohol fueled rants by feeling nostalgic for days spent with fellow artists. studio session designing clothes, writing shitty non-poems, creating crummy art, busy being some other artists muse... now that is a kinship i terribly long for. the correspondence between two artists. a bond comparable to henry miller and anais nin.

my point is (if i was even making one), im tired of playing with imaginary friends.

anyhow, what i planned to show ya'll before i got sidetracked was the post i had written for fp about my experience with ttv (through the viewfinder) photography. here it is if your still have it in ya to read. side note, bruce is my dog:

I brought my Argus Seventy-Five camera along for a brief stroll through the park with Bruce, very brief. We shivered back to the car within minutes! Before we hightailed it outta there, I managed to get a few TTV (Through The Viewfinder) shots, and was it tough! The image is *reflected* through the large viewfinder. Everything is in the opposite direction its supposed it be, and takes a while for your brain to figure it out. Now add another camera for TTV shot. Gulp. You’ll soon realize you don’t have enough hands. If you don’t hold the Argus in the right angle (I had it hung around my neck before I realized it was impossible to get any stable shots out of it), you won’t get the full image projected through the viewfinder. Both cameras have to match the exact angle. It’s a lot harder than it sounds, unless you can pull off that “rub your belly, pat your head”  coordination. Another mistake.. I tried using my Nikon 1 J1 with 10mm wide angle lens. It was difficult to maneuver and focus. Like I said, not enough hands. I swapped the Nikon for my iPhone. It’s a lot easier to focus with a simple finger tap. If that wasn’t enough, the sun was not my friend. Nothing but glares and TK shadows on the viewfinder. Stand in the shade. Are capes still in season? My hair ain’t long enough to block the light.

Here’s the best shot of the bunch.

ps. Why does everyone think 620 film is dead? It’s not you know. A simple Google search will tell you that. B&H sells em, and that’s where I plan to order my first batch….. when I’m ready to spend that much for 12 exposures!

pps. Its around $13, in case you were wondering.