facebook : a place for narcissism and lazy relationships

i've been noticing myself saying "i miss this" or "i miss you" or "i miss us" or.. what have you.  Everything in regards to "missing" something  - but do I really?  Or am I merely saying these words to keep connected with a past I've woken up from?  Life is passing and time and time again I see not only myself but many others, living their life with an "I miss" feel.. Social Networking has become the "checked in with this friend today, so im good for a few more weeks" outlet and in all honesty, I miss the days we just picked up the phone to see what the hell was going on in one anothers life.  The days we made plans to meet up and actually kept them.. the days we weren't THAT damn interested in what was going on in every other persons life but the ones in ours and I "miss" this.. entirely.  Friendship or Fakeship?  I attempted deleting my facebook account to in a sense, force people to contact me the "old skool" style but.. I lasted about, 2 days.. and had quite a few text messages asking "where the hell did you go" - Whats worse, the text messages freaking out that I left social networking, or the fact that I only lasted 2 days?  The internet is great, dont get me wrong.. I absolutely love it, I love the fact that we can keep in touch verbally as well as visually, next door or overseas.. companies upon companies being started, free advertisement, being in the "know" of pretty much, anything.. I just "miss" the intimacy of a one on one conversation on a tuesday afternoon because that was the only choice we had to "KIT".


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