letters of a fading future

when did your face begin to look so cold? once upon a time ago we focused on forever breathing truth in between lies of solitude and hopes for one day, when really.. all we really wanted to do was have somethin to hope for to cling to, to dream to, to be to.. day to day antics, nothing ever made sense yet everything fit perfectly in between over crowded thoughts, discombobulated minds as if a circus had come to town, our circus cotton candy clouds, overdosing on candy & poetic minds remember?  i don't know if i truly, remember.. background images fading, colors manipulating our pallette to life no one understood but you and i but you and i until you and i grew tired everything became fake nothing made sense and shadowed itself upon a memory raping the quality of "you and i" this downward spiral like that nursery rhyme falling within this world of make believe nightmares and monsters in closets no one to rid the stench of childhood antics alone.

i've grown lost, looking at this once upton a time pretty picture with nothing left to say but i remember

when? do we really, remember when?

the light is dimming, i've grown numb.