wake up

written : december 19, 2008 i walk with this secret infested in between deep thought roaming motives & opinions of second guessing utter disgust in this real sense.. in this intense sense.. as in, this crazy ass chic is a little anxious stricken, panic attack for days until..

POOF! she awoke.

new location for a new mindset reading and re-reading our astrological compatibility because i crave the goosebumps vibrating messages from you and stuttering images caught within this realm of deep sigh stricken memories..

rewind repeat & slow it down for a moment

you made a promise & i made a promise yet i feel as if these words once so passionately signed lost focus and the only motive i'm left with is a white flag abandoning all i stand for i'm losing it.

snapping fingers to invite reality to set in i need to wake up from this world i have created bittersweet images, blues, sweet tooths... i need a dentist. insecure to the point of an infatuation with self doubt ones own worse enemy yet aware of the death sentence i relate to love these bla blas roaming my mind each day each step, each line, each regret, each frantic scurry of hope walls broken down and waving my weaknesses like cheap laundry breaking down as each finger intertwined with mine you took my hand and i waved ok i let you in..

& i never let "you" in. damn.

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