strength : what does it mean to you?

i am infatuated with this life, the people i meet and have yet to.. the character behind their voice, the insecurities amidst their stance and the passion engulfing their eyes.  i am in love with you.  strong individuals.. at times weak mindset yet even weak minded decisions require strength, does it not?  i'm rambling today.. i feel a tad romantic, maybe its the rain.. i wish i could speak this to you so you may hear the tone in my voice but i'll do with what i can.

the point of this post... is strength.. simply admiring the strength each and every one of us holds.  life is hard.. love, heartbreak, passion, insanity.. i can't push each emotion out of my mind in the format of a proper sentence so yet again, i'm rambling.. nothing makes sense.. except the respect i hold for each and every individual i merely pass along the street.


dedicated to : aunt sharon.. your fight for life is inspiring, upsetting, and respected.  i love you.

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