i almost forgot

laying here, silent..staring contest within a memory.. envisioning the long nights we, counted breaths in between conversations engulfed upon bittersweet nothings and it was right.  inside jokes our fuel, no motive but being, a happiness i feared yet learned to grow accustomed to. i've never felt so closed off and scared to love as i do now and the one person i loved the most i can pass the condolences to.

anger creeps around dark corners and those 'out of nowhere' freezing winds shivers, down spines.. shivers, down spines.. shivers, down spines.. i now know where they come from what i don't know is how to forget you but i'd love nothing more than to learn. i need the key to that locked door, so i may walk through invite the light, as i remain blinded with innocence forming new eye sight & slam the memories i have no right clinging to in your face.

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