a fed-ex wrapped hug

my mother had to fed ex me my birth certificate so I could apply for my passport this week and in the box came a book I have been wanting to buy for a while now but haven't gotten around to : "How Many People Does it Take to Make A Difference?" - You can find this book at Starbucks.. but the point is to open your eyes to how much difference we can, do and should make in the lives of others.. inside the book was a letter my mums wrote to me : "To Sheena : you will always inspire me ot reach higher!  It's all in how you look at things - Love You, Mom" See : I've been goin through a roller coaster of emotions these days.. a lot of soul searching and fine tuning I guess you could say & at times all you need is a slap in the face of reality attached with a hug of clarity.. and she brought that to me today.  Not to mention, I'll be in London in less than 3 weeks!!

She won't know how much I truly needed that small gesture of kindness at that very instant.. & I love her for that plus a million other reasons of course.  I hope whomever is reading this is as lucky a person as I am to realize how amazing their parents are..