yesterday around 6pm

what is the pointwhat is the meaning the jumbled in between of being a path to a dream in regards to an ending missing the journey running away running far away left cold and in doubt shivering with greed trembling with worry. no hope to achieve over crowded with thoughts of failure, i am a failure, failure, i am a failure stamped 'expired' on foreheads been livin off of weed and cheap wine since sunday even insomnia has left me to make better graves hungover from life minus the buzz take me seriously please i need to be taken seriously please searching for something anything something anything but nothing to which i have found confusion lingers anticipation continuously triggered left dumb founded and alone [yet again] this repetitive cycle a broke down being living because i wake up each day breathing so i sit here half naked wine in hand over sized sweater from a man i once loved heart combusting through my sleeves envy envy envy the me i once was

i need a new beginning yet how do i cut ties when i wrap myself up willingly

to move forward you must leave behind