faded memories, each day it grows less intense

slipping, slipping away.. hiding with no intent to be foundthrough the cracks of history & upbringings, beautiful lies, ugly truths & in betweens meeting in the middle of a one way street, one choosing left as the other forges a different route of what should not or could not but will be listening to my heart beat, i hardly recognize my heart beat anymore somewhat obsessive compulsive, a beat so stead fast you could dance to it nostalgic for a time, a memory, a place, a person to a face burning incisions within my skull i still know not what to do with the images between the cracks

fading, burning, screaming, pleading, forgetting how it was to be free. entrapped, enslaved, any other word for a murderous deed? hatred, servitude, an endless list of dictionary phrases all in attempts to speak the truth

i miss you, my life between the cracks. i miss you, my life between the cracks.

goodbye as i play hop scotch with an old wives tale.. "step on a crack & you'll break your friendships back"

i  t h o u g h t   i t    w a s   fitting.