dear mac,

i think you are beautiful.not in the conventional, store bought way but the way you stutter when you speak or avoid deep conversations when others are around simply because your awkwardness takes over.

i think you are beautiful. not in the conventional, 8pm ready to take on the night way but the way each time i see you wearing your favorite shirt there's something new cut off to update it to differentiate yourself from the crowd and prove something in a sense that, you are your own person even when you may not know who that person is

i think you are beautiful. not in the conventional, perfected silhouette & pristine skin but for the dark shadows under your eyes of proof you embrace the night sky while others sleep your mind grows heavy and produces a hedonistically inspiring everything. the artist in you can be captured under the moon minus the background noise of day to day realistic blues

i think you are beautiful. not in the conventional, matchy matchy perfected imagery way but the fact that your jeans match my jeans in a means of saving quarters by avoiding laundry days scumbag appearances because if there is time to do laundry and money to spend we'd rather focus on our thoughts & the pen throwing up on paper while our soiled pants engrave their presence around our skin.

i think you are beautiful not in the conventional 'right on paper' way in the way that even when your insecurities from deep within your heart reaches a breaking point and you begin that downward spiral i still find you unique and inspirational. unconditional love never just, stops.. with a 'fuck up' it merely grows stronger.           [but not everyone knows how to deal with this sort of angered love..           ..but not everyone knows how to move forward from poisoned words and           the realistic blase 9-5 murderer of the night called comfortity..] i am beginning to believe only i am left strangling our once pretty picture in a desperate attempt to not crush everything in the midst of my selfish, selfless, selfish, selfless, rollercoaster of undying affection for friendship.

i think you are beautiful

   i think you are beautiful

      i think you are beautiful

but it doesn't really matter anymore.