i believe in the stars

pisces : if there is any way you can swing it, head out the door as soon as possible and leave your cares behind.  This is a good night to devote to pure enjoyment.  You may run into someone who will want to get to know you, and that's a good thing. Try not to have fixed expectations about a romantic possibility. The person who is right for you might not be anything like what you've envisioned, yet will have a tremendous amount to offer you. Luck is with you all weekend long!


good thing i ran out of the house with no make up on or hair combed. :D  but now im staring at every person with intent to start a conversation.... hmmmm... i'm in that mood to meet some new personalities.. automatic connections, intense conversation, sitting in silence, lets dance it out & forget where we came from.. whos w/ me? this wknd sounds full of possibilities