a corner crush and my insecurities

lets take it back...dated : 04.19.2008 dedicated to : love

im brainwashed. with ideas, with hallucinations, with insanely unrealistic moments of emotion.

what am i talking about? a dream that is.. or am i? who am i?

went to the library today to feed my soul with a lil free inspiration losing myself in book after book within words upon words     spoken word this     and poetic justice that but all i could find was this paper thin book from some unknown author that reminded me, of me.

how quaint.

inspiration has been overflowing from my soul, my soul marked territory called a jagged penmanship i've begun to mistake for someone else's who am i these days?

who truly knows who they are these days or any day for that matter..

but i'd like someone to investigate. knock my senses clean with a list of adjectives describing my sense of being you dig? or so i say.. wait, you did? or so i pray..

      i had a moment last night       you sitting in the corner while i danced my heart away       i wish i had the courage..       that courage most girls have with a crush       to utter a few words with confidence..       and make you fall in love       with me. or so i say..       with my mind. or so i pray..