breathe in that sunshine smog!

time is a tricky little creature..always moving too slow or too fast.. keeping us looking forward to the future or looking back, never truly admiring the moment.

i need to learn to admire the moment more frequently. there is no such thing as the future & the past is just that a learning lesson, our fingerprints..but as our fingerprints our path is ever changing.  the past does not make us, it helps to mold us.  i am very proud of the past i have created but the present moment?  dwelling is nothing to be proud of. i am taking charge of my life again.. slowly, but surely sure this will be a battle in its own for my pisces mind tends to obsess, fixate, hold on to something not meant to even touch it is my loving nature to blame, but, i love my loving nature.. it is what makes me, me.  i merely need to focus on what is worth the energy & what is not.. at this moment, it is me.

today is such a beautiful day in downtown la..