a bottle of wine and no clean glass

as i powder my face & purposely embarass my cheekslengthen my lashes & manipulate my canvas i start to admire, an imperfected perfection.. [i heard that somewhere and it clung to my center] staring contest, mirror vision, a reflective interpretation of my being, my me, completely as in what you see, is not what i see in me. i am a woman, strong woman, weak woman, needy woman "independent woman" giggles. i breathe in pollution yet take in each scent, each taste as if it were my everything sighs. always have i been told i feel more than the average person and take emotions on as if they were my nutrition, what makes me tick and keeps my mind balanced i see a person clinging to each moment in search of something more not anything more, but that "something  more" meant to touch my soul indefinitely i see a person covering up each imperfected perfection to avoid conversation regarding her, her, him, her, me, myself, us, them... i see a person curling strands and pulling back bangs to see life clearly yet confuse a bystander entirely i am a beautiful being, i am a self-destructive being, i am a sensitive being, i am an insecure being i am an infatuated being, i am an artistic being, i am an unsettled being, i am me.. staring contest, mirror vision tell me what you see.