thoughts provoke meaning

.why did i insist on growing up so chest pains left but now i can't breathe .i'd like to overdose on coffee .stop talking to me! .no i do not want to go on a date .i can't be your everything anymore .im exhausted .i bought a day planner yet have no time to write in it .i want to delete you .i miss you .i hate you, because i miss you .summertime has been here for too long, i need clouds .red velvet cake & medication .popping pills, popping pills, sedation .everything reminds me of you .you're pathetic .i crave the moon, i crave the moon, i crave the moon .its hard to believe in anyone anymore .fuckyoufuckyoufuckyoufuckyou .i feel numb, it feels weird to feel numb, it feels weird .maybe i will go on that date with you .i want to lock the world away and read poetry all day all day all night all day .love, i am in love with you .i am with you, love .i have a sweet tooth .tbc

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