24 minus a few years

Mind is heavy.Thoughts frozen, growing cold forming puddles of tears held back to continue forward, straight faced untouched. Yet every single centimeter of my being screams molestation. an emotional scar upon emotional scar a battle never meant to be won drinking deep red wine from the bottle 3rd day hangover evident of a liquored tongue avoiding the moment, avoiding the truth, avoiding what is craving what was yet hating what was, ignoring what was Mind is heavy. Heart has begun rebuilding itself s l o w l y memories beginning to lock themselves away s l o w l y over analytical torture blissfully bidding adieu s l o w l y all I am left with is this bottle of red wine mixed intuition daze I scream schizophrenia yet I know I am sane. I am awake, I am naïve, I am me this was not a dream this was not a nightmare this was and now is, reality I have been reborn in an instant unwillingly screaming my entire way through smacked in the face to begin new life one night kidnapped my eternity the universe has shifted feet left trembling no idea as to which direction next in love with a moment deathly afraid of this moment avoiding each moment this moment, my moment, thee moment Mind is heavy, vision is blurry. Wise soul, Strong heart I am new.

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