710 freeway met another life lesson

i drove by a terrible accident last night on my way home from work.. looked to my left and saw what once was a living, breathing, soul.. lifeless, on the ground, covered in cheap white cotton, markers on the floor and flamers to veer traffic to the right.  Each life changed for a mere 2 seconds as we casually drove by, looking at what all the commotion was about, on our way to our families, our animals, our homes & our lives, while that individual remained lifeless.. lifes changed and memories shifted, the universe had altered focus.  I began praying for their families and loved ones and as the usual anxiety attack seconds away lingered, i remained emotionless.   4 years ago I received that phone call, the one we all fear but the one we all experience at least once.. so and so is no longer with us, so and so is no longer with us, so and so is ... no longer... with us.   & as I usually would have put myself in the families shoes, reliving an emotion I was too familiar to, I remained numb.. emotionless.. in shock.  Death is inevitable, death is forewarned & expected but it is never welcomed, of course.  It is horrible, it is depressing yet it is beautiful.  One life, passing to the next.  & no matter what God you believe in or what higher power or after life [if any] or rhetorical questioning of what next.. it is glorious, in the realist sense.  We are meant to be here temporarily, effecting lives in the process.  I am so quick to lose focus when things do not go as planned, so quick to ball up into my own world of confusion, distrust and extreme emotion in an instant.. forgetting I could be the next lifeless victim, backing up traffic, covered in cheap white cotton within seconds.

and i awoke.