don't talk.

bows & polka dots & liberty prints & monotone nails & red velvet cake & bathroom fucks & anorexia & secret romance & trail mix with white chocolate & bulemmiiaaaa & pills & mystery & intrigue & anti lovers shopping spree & ephemeral delights & lipton lemonade & whipped cream & more whipped cream & hazy nights & no regrets [except a couple] [except a few] & timelines & treading the course & broken toes turned battle wounds & mosh pits in high high heels & short skirts & girl crushes & looky loos & art studios & paying in change & good parking & when you grab my hand & long hair & green eyes & pleating & ruffles & fp as an art movement & soul searching & never found & pretty little girl with a fucked up mind remixed deep soul.. i feel i feel i feel more than you may know. i feel i feel i feel more than i may show. i feel i feel i feel to feel and feel and feel. i feel i feel i feel, nothing with everything in between in regards to you, dear moon.


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