lunch time brought heartburn

try to stomp metry to stop me try to downgrade, betray, manipulate me attempt to bring me to your world of fears, failure, falsehood & superficiality try to belittle try to attempt to try at anything anything and everything to keep me, exactly where i am living your dream foresaken nightmare your past haunting futures day in and day out day in and day out day in and day out repetitive like the music you play, daily like the stories you repeat, daily like the agony i witness whimpering throughout your voice d a i l y each and every day, one step closer to your grave crawling out, pleading for youth a washed up, over grown, excuse try to scare me try to mold me try to keep me try to force me to feel try to provoke thoughts of negativity nagging at my neck like a sensual love affair gone wrong hickies of jealousy hickies of a fight for survival hickies of hypocricy hickies of rhetorics

i am taking a pen cap and rubbing the shit out of you no matter your tone, no matter your hidden words no matter your jokes, no matter your judgmental stares

two steps closer to my dream, my future, my passion filled bank account as you pan handle your way through life hole filled socks on the pedal to your bmw insecure driven rage, primadonna attitude i am sucking your knowledge dry for the day i no longer feel the need to grace you another fake laugh to your pathetic innuendo called life.

good day.