heartbreak is good for the soul.

love, i've been in love many a times falling in love with falling in love is my alter ego type of, extravagance it is what makes me, me. dear pisces, you are so flighty but i doubt i'd fit into any other adjective


chest pains so intense, i screamed for darkness the night light in the bathroom was even too bright for the agony felt throughout my limbs and yet, i am alive. wanting nothing more than to be forgotten because possibly than, you would be as such

i don't know what is scarier, love or the lack of?

and when we promised ourselves we'd give up on fighting back, give in to letting go resurface our pain & cleanse our insides we'd allow the next person with powerful eyes and intriguing smile, soft voice yet individual presence an "i could see myself falling in love type of lover" when we had bumped into this unfortunate man we'd give over our hearts, place them in the palm of their hands & allow him the opportunity to crush us. crush us to extinction because we know we'd be ok no matter how many bathtubs we forgot our horrors in no matter how many bottles of whiskey we had dehydrated our bodies with no matter how many pills popped to avoid reality or plans changed, job transfers, location obsessors we knew we'd be ok, because we had been there before and yet we are here, still.

so this weight upon my shoulders, this pain in my chest the insomnia driven moonlit romance or second guessing, third guessing, fourth guessing conversation is all in preparation for a love or a heartbreak

so what is worse?

let him break your heart.. let him break your heart.. let him break your heart..

dedicated to : ts, back in the day. we always knew what to say