my type of lover.

seeing as i am a pisces / aquarius cusp.. i wrote down both.. and from the looks of it, i fall in love quite often and fall out of love even faster [what have i always said?] .. however, once a pisces/aquarius finds their soul mate, they are forever faithful. :)

excerpt from the book : gary goldschneider's everyday astrology. page: 338-339

"the pisces lover" pisces lovers can frequently be found falling in love with love over and over again, rather than with a real person.  deluding themselves into thinking they truly love another, they are in fact just indulging their own narcissistic and highly idealistic urges.  going through the same patterns of enthrallment quickly followed by passionate and jealously possesive scenes in which they torment themselves and their lovers, pisces lovers run the gamut of the pleasure and pains that high romance can offer.  perhaps no better description of a pisces love affair has ever been given than tehse lyrics from te theme song of the film casablanca : "moonlight and love songs never out of date / hearts full of passion, jealousy, and hate."

"the aquarius lover" page: 311

"when involved with aquarius lovers you will have to resign yourself to the fact that you are not the first, nor the last.  moreover, it is quite likely that you are also not the only lover they have at the present.  when it comes to matters of love, aquarians figure they have enough to go around without neglecting anyone they really care for.  consequently, the amount of love they share with any one person is limited in quantity, although the quality may be high, at least for the moment.  those looking for depth and meaning in a relationship may be dissatisfied with what aquarius lovers dish up, finding it too superficial [albeit exciting] and ephemeral to last."

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