a forgotten muse.

hello muse, its been a while.inspiration has been in a sort of coma these days, dreaming breaths in between veins pulsating with a lust filled drug of reality setting in.  run away and free the vocabulary.  abstract minds. write to write to feel something one is obviously lacking in a coma set comatose, mindset.  life as a game, life as a gamble, life as a situation.  once upon a time we chose to breathe life as a means to connect.

hello muse, its been a while. forgetting how your words once felt in between ears, upon goosebump attacked skin and throughout blood lines of nerves combusting, thrusting courage, gaining strength [can’t imagine the strength it took to remain in this, coma] so I chose to forget.. boxed you up like a defected memory with hopes you’d some where along the lines.. lose your place, within my mind.

dear muse, its been a while. shit got real and shit got confusing and shit got put on this black or white, this or that, yes or no.. type of propaganda.  I never thought I’d use the word “propaganda” in my words but you brought new things out of me.

dear muse, its been a while. & I am unsure of welcoming your words.. or replying a casual, fuck you & fuck off.  too intense to breathe at times, I want to lay here, staring at this cloud of white, disconnecting myself from the universe & boxing myself in between a safety net and the outside world no one ever took the time to understand.. listen to your thoughts form mine.. out of body experience the only true place I seem to remember you.  day dreams no longer welcomed, sedative upon sedative.. I’ve fallen out of love with you; or at least that’s my alibi and im sticking to it.

dear muse, its been a while.