don't talk! don't talk! stop talking!i'm so damn sick of hearing your words your lack of words..your weak ass words your words endless words upon words upon words excuse for an individual claiming more than necessary no talking, no excuses, no back tracking! i am not holding i am not waiting i am not stagnating i am out of breath from talking. my ears are numb from your talking. no talking, cheap talking, weak ass words! SHUT THE FUCK UP! S H U T   T H E   F U C K   U P ! ! ! !

i am so insanely over talking.

i will happily dissapear. do not ever mistake my kindness & warm heart, for weakness. i will leave you, i will forget you i will be me, without you.

one sided bullshit has me pacing my room circulating, forming puzzles within my head doom doom doom you put us here you you you!! so when i decide to bid you adieu remember who was pacing while you continue talking, empty words, surviving. letting life live you.

merely existing. i will never be that depressing. final chance.