once upon a time i picked a flower.

beautiful. pure beauty. inspiration. raw, gut driven tingling sensation throughout my entire body, pushing outward upon fingertips. mind fixated, eyes blurred, staring straight through blank canvases awaiting an arousal of colors colors & black, white, greys. mutated, minute moments. hedonistic mindset. clairvoyance upon mind reading and analyzing each and every moment for the mere fact, my toes tingle when thinking of your physique. mind, soul, spirit. your, center. our, center. my, center. consumed. bleeding inward, an invisible bruise, walls breaking, flower picking, seeding, growing, learning.. being. craving life to move forward for the light blinds reality and i'd rather awake to live each moment with you, then dream each moment away.. floating away and away and away.. a bubble mindset, blow bubbles, pop!  break the focus.

daydream us a pretty picture. no us, just us. no being, just being. i am intrigued.