vintage this. vintage that. vintage this. vintage that.vintage this. vintage that. vintage this. vintage that.

do you understand the annoyance? the cringe in which overtakes my body with 72131147 goosebumps and nauseau each and every time i hear the word "vintage"

remember the days we'd thrift shop, when asked where we got our threads we'd reply "hmpf, thrift store" and keep going? your reply with wilderment in eyes "you shop there..?" yet as magazines whore the words & movie stars glorify the thought of vintage, your eyes now lack confusion & have been replaced with greed of, needing to be wearing that "vintage"

i love thrifty spends, vintage threads, worn out hand for the mere reasoning.. there is history. where was this person when he/she wore this peasant blouse? how did her first date go when wearing this leather coat? who did she dance with when wearing these pumps? who did she fall in love w/ when wearing her blusher veil..

when wearing these "vintage" finds, i find myself somewhat, taken there.. continually to fall in love with falling love. oh vintage..

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