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i've been doing this body cleanse / detox since this past sunday.. currently on day 4.  I originally signed up for 14 days but i'm loving the way i'm feeling [the hunger has subsided & strong nose senses have kicked it down a couple notches.. and to those who personally know me, my nose has always been "broken" until as of late.. haha] - i think i might extend for a total of 3-4 weeks; we'll see.  All i know is my head is less foggy, body feels less tense & optimism is sufficing.  Who knew kicking the remains of shit food out of your body could do such wonders... Oh & when off of this cleanse, I have welcomed myself back to the world of vegetarianism.. well "presco-vegetarianism" -- i can't cut those spicy tuna hand rolls...& finally when the cleanse is over, Spiritual Cleanse begins... balancing the chakras and energy.. more on that as it comes up.

Day 4 begins Meditation [ kundalini < < supposed to be the highest form of meditation. ]  ||  Week 2 begins Yoga & depending on the energy level, running on the beach... we'll see as it comes.  || 


wish me luck.

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