funeral parade

a smack of reality.dosage over dosage over dosing on inspiration. driving by windows of shoppers craving product and new beautiful colors adding to their closet. touch the silky smooth texture read each seam as a story line of intrigue the color pallete chosen to "compliment" your figure silhouetted canvas, a complete "pretty picture" drive by walkways of hopes and dreams windows down, music up feeling the future not too far away, reaching and reaching and soon enough holding close dear to my heart. we are in this together this dream of window shopping a destiny dramatics reality yours, mine, ours.

we are living it. [& to all the doubters, you are merely sugar to my coffee i feed from each morning as you dread the sunshine and slam the snooze button ignoring opportunity yet seizing the moment to fixate upon ours like a blood sucking victim.. continue to watch from the sidelines]

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